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Memorable events through space and time

Come along with us as we explore all that the universe has to offer! At the UFO McDonald's, it's our mission to bend the rules of reality and experience the unknown. RSVP to our events below to save your spot at some of the most out-of-this-world events like you've never seen before.

Save Your Spot

Robotic Stilt walkers in front of the UFO McDonald's
People in costume in the UFO McDonald's lobby
UFO McDonald's Grand Opening
Firetruck in front of UFO McDonald's
People dressed in alien costumes with alien statue
Two women in firefighter hats in front of the UFO McDonald's
Guy in an alien costume in front of alien mural
People riding horses in the UFO McDonald's drive-thru
Light parade in front of the UFO McDonald's
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Follow us through the cosmos

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